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Business Plan

Various Income Plan here with us


1st Pair 1:2 or 2:1 (INR 200)
Next Pair 1:1 (INR 200)
5 Pair Per Cut off
10 Pairs daily capping
Per day incentive INR 2000
Power leg carry forward
Two sponsor compulsory


250 Pair become a Gold
20 pairs daily capping
Per day incentive INR 4000


1500 Pair become a Diamond member
40 Pairs daily capping
Per day incentive INR 8000


5000 pair become a Crown
100 pairs daily capping
Per day incentive INR 20,000

How to Join

After purchase the Silver package on of your choice, you will be treated as Customer and by promotion at least two Customer you will become an independent distributor

Joining Package

Pendent INR : 800

Gynecsol INR 800

Designer saree INR 1,000

Painpo INR 1200 (2 bottle)

Slim fast INR 1200

Mega night INR 1200

Gas saver INR 1200

Power saver INR 1200

Income Benefit

All Plan are daily celling Plan. (06:00am to 06:00pm) - 1st Session (06:00pm to 06:00am) - 2nd Session

  • Silver Plan is the mirror genealogy of gold plan, Diamond plan and Crown plan.
  • No Direct entry is allowed to Gold, Diamond and Crown plan.
  • Enter the first plan is silver Plan and get Upgrade to the next to next plan


  • Activation Pair 3rd,6th,9th Incentive shall be deducted
  • 15% (TDS + Services Charge)

Payout Release

  • Bank Transfer on Tuesday
  • Minimum Bank transfer is INR 500

Sponsor Income

5% on total income of your sponsors

You can sponsor unlimited

Repurchase Plan

10% on matching BV
1,00,000 capping per week

Royality Income

50 Rupees per joining on company turnover

Crown Members Only

Awards & reward for Silver Plan pairs Incentive Items Time Limit
1 50 Trolley bag* No Time Limit
2 100 Camera mobile* No Time Limit
3 250 Goa tour package 3 days 2 night* No Time Limit
4 500 Refrigerator or Digital Camera* No Time Limit
5 750 Laptop/ handy cam* No Time Limit
6 1000 Led tv + DVD Player + Home Theater* No Time Limit
7 2500 Royal Enfield Bullet or Worth Rs.50,000 No Time Limit
8 5,000 Foreign Tour or Worth Rs.75,000 No Time Limit
9 7,500 Car Initial or 1 lakh* No Time Limit
10 10000 Alto Car or 4lakhs* No Time Limit
11 25,000 AshaKiran Green City Flat or 10 lakh* No Time Limit
12 1,00,000 AshaKiran Villa or 25 lakh* No Time Limit